projection < visage augmented

adam m pere, keebaik sim & enol vallina

Harvard GSD | Introduction to Computational Design | fall 2015
Instructor: Panagiotis Michalatos

Visage Augmented is an interactive installation - a projected extension of the interior - a recollection of its inhabitants.

Like humans, every building has a memory of its life. It remembers every footstep that was walked on its floors; every raindrop that has fallen on its roof; every sound that has resonated through its walls.

Vestige Augmented exposes the building’s memory by projecting animated snapshots of the people who have inhabited its space.

Like the human memory, these snapshots are not complete images. They fade and distort with time. Shrinking and warping until the image is no longer recognizable.

New, clear snapshots are always added. Obscuring our view into the far past, enriching our view of the recent.